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Derived from Sthapathya Veda, Vastu Shastra is a participant in realizing the positive energies of nature, and minimizes or eliminates the negative, through construct homes and other buildings, as per the information given by this well-proven science ancient and immensely beneficial science. Thus, this ancient and esoteric science allows people to live or work in concrete or other structures that are optimal or maximum favourable to peace, health, creativity and success in life. This Shastra believe that a home is not built in accordance with the principles of this is most likely to damage the thoughts, deeds, health and all promising thing of its residents. Therefore, residents of such wrong-built home are most likely to suffer from illnesses, financial loss, medical and legal problems, problems caused by fire or water, restlessness, regular protests and clashes, quarrels and fights, and even untimely death any person.

Intelligently combines the knowledge contained within the fields of art and science, astrology and astronomy, Vastu Shastra strives to create unique balance between the good and bad forces or energies of nature in and around a concrete or other structure; inevitably takes account of the energy influenced by the five basic elements of nature, namely earth, sky, fire, water and air. The effects of natural forces considered in eight directions. The lower section deals exclusively with the solutions in our globally admired vastu specialist in India, and his marvellous and security Vastu services to all types of concrete buildings and other structures.

Our well taught, well seasoned and globally acclaimed Vastu astrology consultant Shastri ji offers a comprehensive gamut of solutions and services related to astrology and Vastu Shastra in India and countries worldwide. These astrology solutions have solved problems in various areas of life; for more information on his astrology services made to other relevant pages on this website.

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