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Besides being a globally recognized and immensely popular astrologer and vashikaran specialist, our guru ji is also an insightful, expert and discerning Nadi astrologer with high reputation in countries worldwide. Truly lavish, elusive and highly beneficial information about his astrology and vashikaran services that are already provided in other pages of this globally popular and reliable website. Therefore, in this website, we provide very constructive and rich information about nadi astrology, and all solutions and services related to this ancient science offered by our world-famous astrologer in India and countries worldwide, separate section below.

The Nadi Astrology (or Naadi Astrology), also known as Nadi Shastra or Nadi Jyotish / Jyothishyam, is a branch of ancient Indian astrology, which helps to reveal one's present, past and even future life. Shedding light on the journey of one's soul, this nadi astrology been immensely popular in South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and other parts of India. This Nadi Shastra contains a rich collection of divine predictions that are written on palm leaves in some particular script; this collection is popularly known as Nadi. Based on the lines of your thumb impression leaves a certain set of palm is selected to make predictions about you, your family and other essential things of your present and future life. These sacred inscriptions etched on palm leaves also suggest some remedial measures to correct or improve things in life. There are many nadi [or Naadis] current for the making prediction divine, which is honest named after the Hindu sages, which consists of these.

The most popular among these Nadis is agasthiyar Naadi, sugar Naadi, kausikar Naadi, and mahashiva Naadi etc. Again there are many Khan dams (chapter) in Naadi Astrology; these chapters are related separately with the family, education, health and happiness, children, possible diseases, marriage and children, occupation, life and many other things of the present and future life of that person.

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