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Meditation has been a proven means for mental and physical health, peaceful and fulfilling life, and the life of the same, since ancient times. Today, some mature doctors regard it as an elegant solution for the treatment of various mental and physical ailments, disorders and diseases. The health benefit of meditation has been recommended by scientific journals too. Therefore, our world-famous astrologer Shastri ji also utilizes this splendid tool to help health and longevity of people and calming their various problems. Information about the disorders, problems and diseases that can be alleviated or eradicated by meditation, separately delivered in later sections.

The definition of meditation is different, depending on the ways it is practiced. But in general, the definition of meditation accepted universally is that, "meditation is the act or process of turning the mind and attention inwards and concentrate on a single thought, object, image or feeling."

Meditation Clamping mind from slipping into "Standard Mode" to think the recent incidents and events that worry about the future, and be absorbed into the various negative thoughts. This standard mode of thinking causes wear and makes us vulnerable to various mental and physical health problems. Meditation tames our restless mind to rest in silence the thinking consciousness. Meditation makes part of our brain (over-reactive to issues of "default mode") still, and thus relaxes us mentally and physically. Regular practice of meditation offers many health benefits in the long run. The services in our meditation guru Shastri ji is described in the section below.

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