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In Indian Vedic astrology, which is an ancient and well-tested science of global importance, Mangal Dosha is considered a serious astrological imperfection. Also known as Boom dosha or Kuja dosha, this Mangal dosha caused by poor position of the planet Mars in the birth chart of a person, and is represented by negative or malefic effects of Mars. It is believed that the people, who had mistreated their partners in past lives, generally suffer from this Mangal dosha. A man or woman from the negative influences of Mars [i.e. having Mangal dosha] is said to be a Manglik. One of the intrinsic properties Manglik people is being pretty aggressive, intolerant, angry and dominant in nature.

This Mangal dosha is one of the most important parameters considered at the time of the birth horoscope matching for marriage purposes. A person is said to be a Manglik If Mars is located in one of the houses of his / her birth chart - first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth. The degree of severity of Mangal dosha are as follows in descending order, depending on the placement of Mars: seventh house (maximum), first house (less), eighth house, the fourth house, the twelfth house, second house (lowest).

As a veteran and leading astrologer in India adorned with a global reputation, astrologer Shastri ji compulsorily offer remedies Mangal dosha, paving the way for well-timed marriages and harmonious and lasting marital life of people worldwide. Some of his astrological remedies to relieve or cancel this infamous dosha come after extensive and close observation of the birth chart of the affected client.

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