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The nine planets in the Vedic or Hindu astrology are collectively referred to as "Navgrah", and these are located in the twelve houses of the Vedic birth chart or horoscope. These nine planets include the seven visible planets and two shady planets Rahu and Ketu, affect the natural life of the people on earth, and are considered responsible for causing all the good and bad thoughts, deeds and happenings in the lives of people worldwide. These astrology planets act as relay stations to receive and transmit the stellar energy on the cosmic scale, and create a cosmic weather or influence. From this cosmic storms or influence our daily local regional weather be derived, using the geographical conditions associated with our local area.

These nine planets in Vedic Astrology treated like gods, with special powers, nature and characteristic qualities, depending on how each of these offers positive and negative influences on people. The specific location of a planet in the Vedic birth chart describes the good, bad, or mixed influences of the planet on the natives throughout his / her life. The Vedic birth chart or horoscope of a person is drawn based on the location of the nine planets at the time of his / her birth, and is actually a map or plan of the likely things and events in the present life and also the good and bad events caused the culmination of the actions committed in the recent life of the natives. Our insightful mature astrologer global Applause offers the complete range of solutions to the problems and difficulties caused by the sick attitudes Navgrah in birth charts through gemstones, astrology yantras, and many other measures.

This section refers only to Nava-Grahas or nine planets effects on humanity, to inform people of the world, and help them live a life of peace, happiness, success and well-rounded prosperity. The good and bad, and positive and negative impacts of each of these nine planets are the result of the primary factors as the specific location of any planet in the birth chart, nature or quality, influences of other planets on a particular planet etc.

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