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Strong, light and healthy Aura promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This informative web article provides a rich and highly beneficial population of about aura, health, methods or techniques to strengthen the aura and services of our globally renowned astrologer in India aura increase in people of all ages, professions, and parts of society.

Auras are a characteristic atmosphere of electromagnetic radiation surrounding a person or object, and reveal lots of information about the essence of the person or object. Any person or other living being or object has a special aura; Thus, auras are natural or spiritual signatures. Consisting of seven layers of electromagnetic energy, aura surrounding a person in an oval-shaped field, and extends up to 2-3 feet on all sides, including overhead and underfoot in the ground. The auras around living creatures [people, plants, etc] change over time; while those surrounding non-living objects [stones, water, crystals, etc.] remain fixed. The bulk part of the human aura is made of the electromagnetic radiation, which contains both the low frequency microwave and infrared (IR) light rays and high frequency ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The intensity and colour of aura [especially around and above the head] has some special meanings. Fair and religious persons or spiritual leaders / teachers usually have a clearly defined yellow-golden and bright halo around their heads. Generally, most of the people on the ground have very faint, dark and dull auras. This seems to be a direct consequence of their lifelong materialistic attitudes, cravings, avarices and various evils that together suppresses their true and good nature.

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